Sunday with Kyle Dillingham!

kyle n kidsAfter the Conference Fundraiser Dinner Concert Something Amazing on Friday, April 25, Kyle Dillingham shared the miracle of his music with our Columbus Community Congregational Church for worship.  It was, as Pastor John has often said, Something Amazing!

kyle 3I think when people come together to share their talents with no thought in mind but engaging one another something truly amazing happens. It is a physical manifestation of our innate spirituality.  After worship on Sunday morning, people stayed much longer than the  usual 30-40 minutes for fellowship.

kyle 2When it was time for Kyle and Andrea to head for the airport, at 1:00 pm, half of us were still in Fellowship Hall. That, my friends, is CHURCH. We need to be a community of faith that brings this kind of love and energy to our community and world every time we get together. If we are able to capture the experience we had this weekend and share the excitement, the passion and the joy we have known, we will change our world in ways we have not yet even imagined.  Wouldn’t that be amazing!
Grace & peace, Pastor John


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