Listen in to Church!

Now Everyone can Hear Pastor Tracy’s sermon Sundays at 5 pm Mountain time on AM 1620 – Stillwater Community Radio. Even when not in Columbus, you can listen at your computer or on your smart phone. Go to

(1) click on Listen Live (upper lefthand portion of website) or (2) follow instructions to download the app for your smart phone or iTunes. You can hear it in any state! Our church webmaster is trying to get them on our website too.

Have trouble remembering the station numbers? It’s 1620 AM, just like the year the Pilgrims (early Congregationalists) landed on Plymouth Rock in North America.

Remember to also to tune in to 1620 AM for Feel Good Friday’s oldie-but-goody tunes program, Fridays 1-3 pm MDT. On a trial basis our church is a co-sponsor of this program and the music is good too!

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