Seeds of Hope for JustHope

JustHope We are partnering with JustHope to make an additional $2,000 available through their micro-credit loans; these small loans ($50-$250) empower women in very poor communities in Nicaragua to begin their own small businesses such as opening small convenience stores, making things to sell, raising poultry and using their profits to for essentials for their families. Make a donation and receive an ornament to hang on your own tree or give to someone else. Either a Seeds of Hope birdfeeder or ornamental acorn cluster! We have cards about JustHope that youJustHope alternative giving project ornaments can send to someone if you make this donation in lieu of a present. Find the JustHope tree in the Sanctuary’s East Room near our new stained glass windows.Youth Brandon Brewer holds some of the Seeds of Hope ornament made for JustHope giving project

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