Camp Mimanagish Season!

P1120356Camp Sunday at CCC was in April!

 – Former campers Kelly Hickey, Sara Heard, Brigid Shearer, and Webster Crist joined us as our Our Camp Sunday speakers and songleaders!  Below is a wonderful article we’d love you all to read.

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Why Everyone Should Go to Camp Mim
(Sara Heard’s talk on Camp Sunday)

When my grandma [Viv Gerke] first talked to me about coming out here to talk about camp, of course I said yes. But I knew it would be impossible to portray how important Camp Mimanagish is to me and how it holds such a special place in my heart.  When I think of Camp Mimanagish, I think of my favorite place, a second home. I think of some of the best friends I made there and still have to this day. I think of the beautiful place that makes me feel closest to God. I think of singing silly songs after every meal and loving every second of it. And I even think of my very first time, when I found out I was actually going to have to do chores every day.

P1120354I started going to camp when I was in 4th grade. In my 9 summers at camp, countless memories were created, starting with the two hour car ride to camp with friends, singing camp songs at the top of our lungs and trying to hold in our excitement. Once we got to camp, we’d sprint out the car to go see what cabin we were in and see who was in our chore group, always hoping we would be with our best friends and somehow never being disappointed when we weren’t because that gave us a chance to make more friends. That excitement could be felt all throughout camp the first day as we were reunited with friends from all over the state of Montana.  As a ten year-old, the thought of being away from home for a whole week can be very intimidating.  But not at camp – Camp Mim became my second home each summer for a week. All the campers, counselors, and staff quickly became family. At camp, I was able to make new friends, explore the beauty of nature, and become closer to God, all while having so much fun.

As I got older, one of the best parts about camp became the fact the lack of cell phone service so
you have a week to completely unplug and just embrace the beauty and nature of camp. In today’s
society, it’s so refreshing to be able to do that. This is one of the only times you get to be in one of the
most beautiful places on Earth and worship the Lord with absolutely zero distractions.

If there is just one thing you take away today, it’s my advice to encourage all youth to go to camp. I want every kid to experience the magic and beauty of Camp Mimanagish, just as I did.

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