Music & Worship

All people of all ages are welcome and valued. We are a small church with big ideas.

Our Sunday morning service begins at 10:30 am from September 1 through May or at 9:30 am June 1 through August.

jammin tracyCasual Dress is fine and the public WiFi is always on and service elements are visially projected in the sanctuary for all to see and share in.

Children attend the first 15 minutes of worship. A special message for children is provided prior to their leaving to attend their own time of spiritual learning.  Sunday School lesson are use the Seasons of the Spirit curriculum following the same lectionary as adult worship, making it easier for adults to share stories and insights with the children about their lessons.

Carol and Dan Hofferber makin music

Music is an important part of our worship. Many skilled musicians share their talents throughout the year; and, though we are a small church, our Choir sings big. Our Choir sings a variety of anthem styles accompanied by piano, drums or guitar.

Our worship follows a traditional rhythm with scriptures, sermon, and lectionary; but each service is full of energy and a sense of community we are excited to share and with elements intended to allow everyone participation.  Members of our congregation are regularly involved in many areas of the service.Advent 2013 Anna 3

Communion is served on the first Sunday of each month and all are welcome at the table. Baptism is provided on request following consultation with the clergy. Marriages are performed for couples after mandatory premarital

  • Wheelchair accessibility is provided and a lift is available for access.
  • Bathroom facilities are wheelchair accessible.

Please Join us immediately following Worship Service to meet and greet others over a cup of coffee in the Fellowship Hall. Hot soup and bread are served on the first Sunday of the month, October through March.

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