Little Stone Church

stoneCommunity Congregational Church services began in Columbus in 1893, in the town’s log school house. In 1895 our church was officially formed, and the Rock School also was built. Church services were held in the stone building, as well as school.  In 1898 our church bought that building (for $825), and it became known as the Little Stone Church.  Our worship services continued to be held there until the current building was built beside the Little Stone Church in 1914 (for $13,000).

The Little Stone Church has continued to serve our church faithfully(e.g. Women’s Fellowship meetings and children’s Halloween gatherings.)  Church members can reserve to use the Little Stone Church at no charge.


As a foundation of the greater community, it still serves for meetings (e.g. AA, Girl Scouts, Weight Watchers, 4H events) and for privately held events and is vailable for rent by non-members for events.  Please contact the church for more information.

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